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We pride ourselves in providing families with wholesome, nutrition filled products
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Who we are

DairyBelle Iis a trusted brand in South Africa, we only use locally sourced products to make our nutritional cheeses, Milk and Yoghurt, and our new exciting chocolates and snacks are created especially with our little ones in mind. Our cows are locally sourced to ensure local goodness to every family. We strive to improve the lives of the greater community by being a proudly South African brand.
At DairyBelle we know the struggles of choosing brands that deliver on nutritional values. We strive to ensure that all our products are natural and fully packed with vitamins and nutritional value. Since we started we have created products that are delicious and nutritional to any age.

Explore DairyBelle and Our Story

Our heritage of over 100 years has enabled us to ensure that all our products are nutritional and that they add wholesome memories for any family. DairyBelle will continue to stay a trusted brand in South Africa. We ensure that with every product bought, that a nutritional Ding Dong DairyBelle day is had.

Give your family the Nutritional advantage of DairyBelle!

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Travel through time with DairyBelle

DairyBelle is a trusted brand bringing wholesome goodness to families across South Africa


Let’s take a look at the deep rooted history of our well known leading brand DairyBelle! DairyBelle has a rich history filled with iconic moments and unforgettable milestones.
Join Lerato on her journey to discovering DairyBelle, how it all began and where we are heading for the future. Our interactive timeline lets you travel from the start of DairyBelle in the 1800’s all the way to where we are today. Click on the icons to travel in time and experience DairyBelle in all her stages of life.


Pioneers in Milk
David Pieter de Villers starts journey at Combrinck & Ross Company
David Pieter de Villers
David Pieter de Villiers Graaff started his journey in the Combrinck & Ross Company, they provided live stock to Cape Town, David’s brother Jacobus Arnoldus Combrinck Graaff joins the business as well. They entered the business to assist their uncle, who wanted to follow a career in politics and to support their family in Wolfhuiskloof.
Combrinck & Ross company became the Combrinck & Co
Combrinck Butchery
The two brothers were chosen as the successors of the Combrinck butchery, the partner Ross was retrenched with a severance package. From there on Combrinck & Ross company became the Combrinck & Co.
David & Jacobus officially take control of Combrinck & Co
David and Jacobus officially take control of Combrinck & Co. David Graaff starts to take an interest in the political life, as a young man he quickly climbs the political ladder and with new ideas he set out to change Cape Town.
Combrinck & Co. implements a new invention into their warehouses. They start to build their first cold storage in their Cape Town warehouse.
Dairybelle History
Mayor David Graaff implements plans to better the drainage system in Cape Town to minimize the blood and sewage from the butcheries. With the assistance of Cycil John Rhodes the plans are rolled out to provide a cleaner Cape Town.
DairyBelle History
Combrinck & Co. have implemented plans and started to build cold storage warehouses, refrigerators and Ice making plants at different locations along the railway. A new building is built for Combrinck & Co. At Dock Road. Combrinck & Co. create a new company called South African supply and cold storage company ltd. And they begin to trade under the new name. During the war the South African supply and cold storage company provides the British troops with fresh meat that is imported from Australia.


New Creameries
DairyBelle History
Dairy production is heightened. J.G.P van Horst visits different locations of the ICS to understand the procedures, he changes multiple establishments that are dilapidated or non-productive such as; butcheries, abattoirs and cold rooms into creameries to produce, milk, cream and cheese.
DairyBelle History
The Company is reregistered under a new name: The South African & Australian Supply & Cold Storage The Imperial Cold Storage and Supply co. is created and buys out the South African and Australian Supply & Cold storage co. A new partnership with Cycil John Rhodes is created.
DairyBelle History
Streets are filled with horse drawn carriages of the South African Supply & cold storage company, as they deliver imported meat. With a new contract from Australia, South Africa has a supply of fresh meat.
DairyBelle History
As the First World War broke out the ICS provides local meat and fruit to the troops in the war.
DairyBelle History
David Graaff buys land for the ICS to start their own production of meat and dairy, that is not sourced from local farmers. Global shipping to the Continent (America) and to Britain has started, and ICS exported Fruit, Citrus, Meat and free range eggs.
DairyBelle History
The famous Dock Road building burns down. The plans for reconstruction starts again. The ICS imports a new machine that creates white margarine, but the production is limited due to legal restrictions.


The journey to a new Dairybelle
DairyBelle History
DairyBelle became known for its radio jingle: Have a Ding Dong DairyBelle Day!
DairyBelle History
Tiger Brands sells DairyBelle to other investors.
DairyBelle History
DairyBelle a trusted brand, launched their plate sharing adverts that was seen on all the television sets in South Africa.
DairyBelle History

Clover takes over the yogurt and UHT production of DairyBelle.

DairyBelle History
DairyBelle is relaunched.
The trusted nutritional brand restarts it production and sets out to sell their delicious milk, cheese, yogurt, dried fruit and trial mixes in local stores once more.

Give your family the Nutritional advantage of DairyBelle

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The future of DairyBelle and our Values

DairyBelle is a trusted brand bringing wholesome goodness to families across South Africa
our future

What's next?

Cocoa life initiatives
Our next step in the new DairyBelle is to ensure that all our products are nutritional but also that they give back to the community.
We will start the implementation of sustainability programs for the sourcing of our delicious cocoa beans, to assist communities in the plantations and to preserve the plants for another 100 years.

Focus on Family

Dedicated to your nutrition
DairyBelle is built on a strong foundation and we strive to provide our consumers with a service at an A grade level.
We test our products to ensure that every package is filled to the brim with udder goodness.
At DairyBelle we ensure that we give our consumers a quality product that they can trust
family making breakfast

Give your family the Nutritional advantage of DairyBelle!

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