Creating wholesome memories...

gathering families and friends and creating wholesome memories with delicious, nutritious food.

Our Heritage

More than 100 Years of History

DairyBelle is a trusted brand in South Africa, making waves in the market with a brand new look and feel! We are back with the products that you love and so much more.

Our Coffee

Discover our Original Blend of DairyBelle Coffee

There is warmth in every cup. Take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle with a delicious aromatic blend of DairyBelle original coffee beans.

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We pride ourselves in providing families with wholesome, nutritional products to fill both hearts and the tummy!





Give Your Family the Nutritional Advantage of DairyBelle

Our Blog

A Legen-Dairy Brand You Know And Love
dairybelle family moments

The importance of Dairy in your diet

Children are raised to drink their milk and eat their yogurt to become strong like superman...

The new and improved DairyBelle

At DairyBelle we know the struggles of choosing brands that deliver on nutritional values.

The benefits of Nutritional snacking

Chocolate is a beloved snack and baking ingredient for millions around the globe...

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