The new and improved DairyBelle

South Africa is celebrating heritage month this September and with these multicultural celebrations DairyBelle is proud to announce the relaunch of the beloved brand once again. DairyBelle is introducing their delicious dairy products with a new website that celebrates the brand with a modern twist.

Our relaunch shows the revitalisation of the well-known DairyBelle brand. Our website has a new modern twist with our character family that is found throughout our website to enhance our unique and diverse look and feel for our consumers. Our revamped website offers our consumers the chance to interact with our new family of characters and to discover all our products and even try our delicious recipes for themselves.

 Amidst the relaunch of DairyBelle we have included sustainability with all our products. We source all our produce from sustainable farmers that are community based as well as we believe in the wellbeing of all people included in the entire process. All our milk is sourced from local farmers and are guaranteed to be sustainable and full of wholesome values.

The new and improved DairyBelle still has some of the old included. Our infamous jingle: Have a Ding Dong Day! Is still a vital part of our organisation, we have also included some of our old packaging designs for our products to give our consumers the ability to recognize our products from memory. We have kept our products the same to ensure that they are full of wholesome goodness for every person.

As we celebrate this heritage day, we can celebrate it along with DairyBelle and the entire family. Our family based products have been developed and designed to fit anyone in the family. From our snacks to our fruit juice we believe in providing nutritional products that the whole family will love.

Our new look is accompanied with our new licensing solution where we give others the ability to license their products under the DairyBelle name. Our new website offers you the opportunity to license your product under our trusted name with an easy to complete form that is sent directly to our consultants that work tirelessly to increase the brand representation of DairyBelle.

The relaunch of DairyBelle has brought along the release of new snacks and fruit juices that are wholesome as well as delicious. Our products are made from unrefined ingredients to ensure beneficial results for the entire family. Our new products include nuts, dried fruits and fresh fruit juices that are delicious additions to lunchboxes for anyone form young to old.

Enhance your everyday snacking with the new and improved DairyBelle products. Discover the nutritional values in all our products on our detailed website that gives your family the opportunity to make choices that beneficial to them and delicious with every bite.

DairyBelle is excited about the new venture and as we celebrate this heritage day, we celebrate it with the official relaunch of DairyBelle. Our new journey starts with the beautiful people of South Africa and we look forward to the different possibilities that will come from this new venture.

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